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Case Study – Pune Fertility Center

The Pune Fertility Center, an Assisted Reproductive Unit (ARU), has been functional since May 2001. Since its inception, it has offered comprehensive treatment protocols to infertile couples in India as well as from abroad.


To provide a software solution to automate the various functions in the IVF clinic.


To design and implement user-friendly and enterprise-wide Information Management System.

Business Situation:

The Clinic had a requirement of an Information Management System but was not using any. Implementation had been done in the past but the management was not satisfied with the results.

Benefits experienced on implementing PALASH :

  • Increase in revenues.
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • Increase productivity and elimination of human error through seamless integration and medical equipment.
  • Improved patient satisfaction through reduced turnaround time at points of care.

Software Deliverables

  • Registration
    • Couple
    • Male donor
    • Female donor
  • Male / Female History
    • Male (Physical examination)
    • Female
      • Physical examination
      • Medical history
      • Previous treatment history
      • Menstrual cycle history
      • Previous pregnancy details
    • Investigation
      • Male and female (Blood hormone test, serology, Laparoscopy, Microbiology, Ultrasound)
    • Therapy planning
    • Cycle monitoring (follicular monitoring)
    • Culture
    • Lab work
    • Insemination analysis
    • Embryo transfer (to check whether pregnancy is achieved or not)
    • Vitrification
    • Reports
    • Appointment and Daily queue management
    • Alerts and Notifications