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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

On premise hosting requires in-house server hardware, software licenses, integration and active support from the IT wing of the organization which makes it expensive.

Cloud Hosting / computing can save companies a lot of up front and on-going IT expenses. In theory, when compared to on-premises applications, cloud-based services reduce hardware, software and internal IT needs. The low cost of entry to start using hosted applications and the savings of not paying a large up front capital expenditure are promising reasons to start using the cloud.

Palash IVF team has expertise in deploying Palash IVF solution on AWS (Amazon) and Azure (Microsoft). The hosting model is HIPAA compliant which makes the application more secure and reliable. The application can be scaled up and down based on the clinic’s requirements. The clients have to pay based on their usage of the application which significantly reduces the costs.

Palash IVF v14 will be SaaS based and multitenant. The clients will get a choice to setup their own configurations and deploy the application in cloud. They can add clinics on the fly, select the modules of their choice and scale up/down their application at any given point of time.

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