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ART Management Solution

PALASH IVF is one the best and the most comprehensive ART management solution that provides complete tracking and recording of IVF clinical procedures and processes.

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For Clinicians
ART management solution enables the clinicians to track the treatment plan with all medicine protocols in place. All treatment planning can be done by respective clinician & later on one can check every execution protocol, which can be monitored by the system keeping track of all participants involved in the same.
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For Doctors
For Doctors, Infertility Experts & A.R.T. clinicians; this provides hassle free, complete tracking (without location limitation) of procedures & processes which enables them to perform their task at best of their skill set & produce better results.
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For Patients
Patients get all the alerts for their medicine as well as for their schedules procedures, which increases their faith on the services provided by the Infertility Treatment Facility.
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Features and Modules

Patient Registration with Medical & Family History

Donor & Surrogate Registration

Patient’s Appointment & Queue Management

Patient & Spouse clinical Records

On Screen Therapy Planning & Treatment procedure Tracking

Examination / Test Record maintenance

Treatment / Injections Monitoring & Management of Patient

Male Infertility Analysis & Treatment Management

3rd party systems integration

Quality Assurance

Patient Portal for better patient connect

Consent Management

Electronic Medical Records for Designer facility for any customization need.

Complete Management of Infertility Treatment

Embryo Freezing, Cryo Bank, & Record Tracking

Sperm Analysis - Sperm Freezing, Sperm Thawing

Fertility Preservation Management, Tracking & Reporting

Flexible Reports with Statistical Analysis

Birthday / Appointment SMS

SMS & Email Alert System

Multi Clinic Environment

Information Confidentiality/Data Security Guaranteed

Surrogacy Management

ART compliance as per Regulatory Authorities

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