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Stress and Infertility (Part 2)

The infertility epidemic is spreading across the world at an alarming rate. Even in India, bad eating habits and lack of exercise coupled with high stress are taking a hit at the already-plummeting infertility rate in the working females in the country. So, the question is- is there a solution? The answer is “yes”.

Overcoming Infertility

Balance diet, regular exercise, etc. are commonly recommended by the health experts for fertility enhancement and easy pregnancy. However, it’s been found that women who are suffering from infertility, especially ones who are opting for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, can also greatly benefit from mindfulness.

Connecting the Dots

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Deteriorating physical health can be detected easily. However, for many people, it’s rather easy to overlook the mental health, and this is where the problem of infertility becomes dire. Women suffering from infertility may start adopting a more “active” lifestyle and increase the intake of fruits and veggies for improved fertility. However, a major root cause of the problem, i.e. stress is often overlooked which is why they must practice mindfulness.

Several studies have verified and supported the impact of mindfulness on IVF treatments and infertility. For instance, a report published on ScienceDirect details the study of two different groups of women- one which practiced mindfulness and the other which didn’t. The former was found to have higher pregnancy rates than the latter.


When a woman undergoes an IVF, they have to deal with a tremendous emotional and physical burden. If this is not handled properly, it can interfere with the pregnancy itself. However, with an organized mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) that taps into the infertility-related coping strategies, self-compassion practices, various measures of mindfulness, etc. the overall process can be made less stressful. So, the outcome can also be controlled to a great extent for an increased possibility of healthy pregnancy.


There are various ways to achieve mindfulness for a healthier pregnancy and/or fighting infertility:

· Meditation

· Visualization & guided imagery

· Chanting of select mantras

· Select yoga poses


The concept of “mind over matter” plays a powerful role in the problem of infertility. Since stress continues to be a major hindrance to the achievement of conception, dedicated and focused mindfulness can be used to tackle the same. That said, it should still be accompanied by a more “active” lifestyle and a balanced diet.

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