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Digital is the Future For Healthcare Marketing

Digital is the Future For Healthcare Marketing

We live in a digital world today. Mobile phones are available at throw away prices and data is becoming increasingly cheap. Compare year 2000 when opening up the hotmail email in an internet café would take 30 mins, to the present day when digital content is streamed online @ 100 Mbps, you will get a feeling of having lived in the age of dinosaurs. But that is how fast the technology has evolved in the past decade. Digital is the Future For Healthcare Marketing now. Internet has brought the world closer than never before. We practically use internet for all our daily activities.  We search for places on Google, shop for retail items on Amazon/Flipkart, order food on Swiggy and make payments through PayTM. The amount of digital transactions and interactions we do on the internet has given rise to a plethora of digital marketing tools and platforms. On the onset it might sound scary, but these tools track every activity of the user on their platform (Google/Gmail/Facebook) and provide this data to companies who target the intended user base with their marketing artifacts and advertisements.


Digital marketing has become one of the most important tools for increasing user traction. Creating a website with search engine optimization, embedding google analytics and social media integration is pretty much the norm for any business. In addition to these basics there are companies that provide additional tools for email/SMS marketing, content marketing and paid advertisements. Businesses are investing in these tools and seeing considerable tractions, so there is an increasing demand for digital marketers out there. The ecommerce, hospitality and FMCG businesses rely heavily on digital marketing. But not every channel works for every business, so the key is to try a channel for a fixed period of time and check the returns and continue to iterate.


So how are hospitals/clinics embracing digital marketing in India? We believe that the corporate hospitals are very much attuned to it. They have good websites and the basic digital marketing channels in place. Patient acquisition is critical to big ticket businesses like IVF, so some of our clients are also integrating with CRMs that provide intelligent user behavior analytics. Our application i.e. Palash IVF provides integration with such CRMs so the clients have actionable data that they can use for engaging the patients at every stage of their treatment cycle. Additionally, we have tie ups with companies that provide automated digital marketing software wherein we integrate our application with their tools to provide the clinics and hospitals the facility to engage their patients in an effective manner. If you would like to more about this topic, please write to us at


Written By,

Paras Pagare

CTO, Palash IVF

Palash IVF Solutions
  • Posted at 2:43 pm, February 6, 2018

    While digital marketing has become a mainstay in many different industries, healthcare has been hesitant to adopt digital strategies. But now that more and more medical professionals are seeing the advantages of digital marketing for healthcare many see that it’s high time to embrace a more digital direction. Targets Patients with Certain Conditions, It’s Modern Medicine,Helps Brands Stand Out in Search Engines, Improves Patient Retention. Thanks for sharing informative blog.

  • Posted at 12:41 pm, December 18, 2017

    thank you for sharing artilces about digital marketing which helpful in medicine.

  • Posted at 11:33 am, December 8, 2017

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  • Posted at 12:26 pm, September 19, 2017

    I am very happy to get this information from your site. Thank you for your support to us. You gave us a clear explanation on this topic. Thanks for sharing the information and suggestions they amazing.

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