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IVF Treatment Market in India

The IVF Treatment Market in India

Infertility is an increasing global problem and it is estimated that 1 in 8 couples experience infertility. This is a growing problem in India as well with the number of IVF Cycles increasing at a CAGR of 18%. Despite this growth, the market penetration of fertility treatment in India continues to be low. According to a study on the infertility treatment market in India in 2015, the IVF market in India is highly under-penetrated with addressable demand being 9 to 12 times higher than the current market, even in large metro cities.


The above study provides us the following data points regarding the fertility market in India in 2015:

  • The number of infertile couples in reproductive age is 27.5 million.
  • The number couples coming forward for evaluation is 270,000. This is just 1% of the population of infertile couples.
  • The number of couples who were prescribed and availed IVF treatment is 65,000. This means that less than 25% of the couples who came for evaluation, eventually started treatment.
  • The total number of IVF Cycles in is estimated at 100,000. This translates to an average of only 1.5 Cycles per couple.


At Palash IVF, we have used the above data as the basis for estimating the fertility market in India in 2022. In addition to the current growth rate, we have considered the impact of technology and improvement in the success rates and outcomes to arrive at the following estimates.


Parameter Estimate Remarks
Infertile couples in reproductive age (Million Nos.) 31.81


Estimated to grow from 27.5 Million in 2015 at a CAGR of 2.1%
Couples coming forward for evaluation (Million Nos.) 1.29


Estimated to grow from 1% of infertile couples in 2015, to 4 % in 2022
Couples prescribed & availing IVF treatment (Thousand Nos.) 520


Estimated to be 40% of the number of couples coming forward for evaluation (from the current 25%)
Number of IVF Cycles (Thousand Nos.) 1559


The number of cycles per couple is estimated to increase from 1.5 in 2015 to 3 in 2022.
Number of Fertility Clinics 4455 Based on an average 350 cycles per clinic


Some of the key barriers to growth include Awareness, Access, Affordability and Assurance.


Our assessment of the key trends in the fertility market in India includes the following:

  • Increased focus on enhancing the affordability of IVF treatments through Financing schemes
  • Entry of B2C players offering Mobile Apps for providing awareness, access, price transparency and tools for tracking fertility & pregnancy
  • Integration of genetic data with fertility treatment through use of PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) & PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)
  • Predictive analytics to estimate probability of success and selection of the most optimum treatment protocols
  • Innovative clinical procedures for improving success rates of fertility treatment; for e.g., procedures for improving ovarian reserve, enhancing endometrium receptivity, Single Embryo Transfer (SET), ovarian tissue freezing, 3-parent embryos, etc.
  • Use of integrated approach to achieving pregnancy by improving overall wellness and lifestyle including fitness, diet and mental health.
  • Standardization of procedures, increased automation and use of integrated enterprise solutions


Clearly, the fertility treatment market in India is poised for significant growth. Now, isn’t this ironic for a country that is expected to become the most populous country in the world by 2022?



Rahul Chatterjee, CEO, Palash IVF

Palash IVF Solutions
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